MONGO Offshore Challenge

Sponsorship Opportunities

Our goal is to run a fun and successful tournament that benefits the Winners, the Participants, the Spectators, and our Sponsors, all while promoting the Sport of Big Game Fishing and the industry it supports.


We are after the MONGO 

"Let the small ones go so they can GROW."


Market Strategy

            The Mongo Offshore Challenge (MOC) sponsors are a vital part of our success in efforts to create a successful, and fun tournament, that will help to promote, and support, the sport of big game fishing and the industry it supports.


Being a 5-month long tournament that includes the US Gulf of Mexico, Florida to Texas, weigh stations, and 153 possible fishing days. The MOC creates a unique marketing platform that brings expanded season-long exposure for our tournament sponsors. The MOC offers many opportunities for tournament sponsors such as: direct and indirect product or company awareness, promotion of new products and/or services to participants as well as spectators daily throughout the fishing season. MOC will also provide added marketing exposure for our sponsors during the offseason. 


Target demographics

The Mongo Offshore Challenge marketing efforts are focused on three main target groups;

  • Medium income, sportfishing community.

  • High-income sport fishing enthusiasts that participate in sport fishing and sport fishing competitions and enjoy the luxury and boating lifestyles.

  • Spectators who may be attracted to the sportfishing lifestyle.

Whether you are a boat owner, captain, crew member or just love fishing the MOC will grab your attention and entice you to be involved to either fish the MOC or follow the status of who is leading, who is winning, and what kind of products they use to win. The MOC is a tournament for the participants as well as interested spectators, creating added excitement throughout the regular fishing season.


Market Exposure

Mass Media

            Exposure with local, regional, and national print, radio, local and regional news, online news media, and social media we reach an audience of millions both nationally and internationally. Web-based, daily live leader board updates, Local television news leader and winners’ updates, Press releases, news articles, and editorials from sports and luxury industry writers.


Weigh Station on-site exposure

            With Mongo weigh stations located at the best marinas in the top sportfishing ports in the Gulf of Mexico from Texas to Tampa we offer direct brand exposure for our sponsors. Mongo sponsor banners on-site, official fish weight pictures uploaded to social media, local news, and print media, pictures shared with sponsors to use, of notable fish showcasing our sponsors worldwide.


Mongo Offshore Challenge Apparel merchandise

            Tournament apparel and tournament merchandise will present added long-lasting exposure for our Sponsors. Teams will be given shirts for registering, also apparel will be on sale onsite at all participating Mongo weigh station marina stores, local supporting tackle shops across the region, and on the MOC website.


Magazine editorials and public relations

            Mongo Offshore Challenge will have many press releases to the media outlets available in the region and national publications in the Sport Fishing, marine, and luxury brand industries. MOC will keep participants updated with direct E-Newsletters, website articles, social media updates, direct texts to team members throughout the season. Purchased space in major sport fishing, marine, and luxury industry.   


Internet exposure

            The Mongo Offshore Challenge website will have continuously updated info, pictures a live leader board, rotating sponsored promotions and links to our qualified sponsor's websites year-round. We will also have a heavy presence on social media, pushing traffic to our site and our qualifying sponsor's sites. We will also have content on web-based media sites. 



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Let the small ones go so they can GROW

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